06 June 2010

Bookstores are my third home.

I was finally read some of the book Directing Actors. I need to buy that book. I learned a lot watching directors while working on the 5 or 6 short films last semester. Watching them guide the actors to get a good performance out of them. I learned that result directing isn't very good directing.

Result directing is giving the actor non-specific advice on what to do in their performance. For example, George Lucas only gave one phrase as an adjustment for the actors in the original Star Wars movie, and that was "faster and more intense."

I've learned that this is the worse thing you can do for your actors. So far, all I know is that you give your actors imaginative adjustments, or giving the character an objective or goal to achieve in a certain scene. Apparently, a lot of young directors make the mistake of trying to tell the actors to feel a certain emotion. I can't explain very well why it's bad at the moment, but I just know it's bad.

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